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We are all about top quality dry cleaning services and complete customer satisfaction.

Cleaned, with Care

We don't simply clean. Our meticulous process ensures your garments are handled properly from start to finish.

Beautifully Pressed

Say goodbye to bubbles, double creases and bent collar tips. We know you want to look good, and we make sure you do.

Customer Satisfaction

Our work isn't done until you are happy. That's our bottom line.

"Great service! Great team! Highly recommended." Eli Langer, North Woodmere


"Needed some shirts done same day. Left my items on my porch, they were picked up and they were delivered to my home later that day perfectly pressed! Amazing, efficient service that is well priced and easy to use! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" Ilana Buchsbayew, Woodmere

"Great prompt service. They really go the extra mile." Judah Libin, Woodmere

"High quality dry cleaning & amazing service!" Lisa Reich, Lawrence

"Pickup and delivery is like clockwork. You are notified prior to then coming and dropping off. Clothes are cleaned to perfection and handled with great care and the customer service is second to none. Switching from your current cleaners to Executive Dry Cleaners is a no-brainer." Yochanan Gordon, Cedarhurst

"Clothes cleaned to perfection. Tysm!!!!" Machi Muller, Cedarhurst

"Amazing service! Efficient app for scheduling and tracking pickup / delivery!" Barry Diamond, Cedarhurst

"Excellent service and super accommodating! Very pleased and highly recommend!" Bracha Francis, Woodmere


Laundered Shirt on hanger — $1.70
Laundered Shirt folded — $1.90
Shirt, dry cleaned / hand pressed — $3
2-piece Suit — $13
3-piece Suit — $18
Blazer / Jacket — $9
Vest — $6
Pants — $7
Blouse — $7
Tuxedo Shirt — $6
Polo Shirt — $6
Sweater / Cardigan — $9
Skirt — $8
Dress — $11
Pleated Skirt — $12
Pleated Dress — $15

Coat — $17
Down / Puffy Coat — $24
Necktie / Bowtie — $7
Shorts — $6
Tablecloth — $15 and up
Comforter / Quilt — $29 and up
Gown — $27 and up
Wedding Gown — $160 and up
Beke'she — $15
Tzitzis, cotton — $6
Tzitzis, wool — $8
Tallis — $18
Kittel — $12
Challah / Matza Cover — $7
Shirt press-only — same as laundered shirt
Other press-only — above price, less $1

Additional charge may apply to some garments depending on fabric and special care.
Please inquire about cleaning Uggs, suede, leather and other specialty items.
Shatnez testing: Most items $7.50 each. Blazer or Dress - $10; Two-piece suit - $15; Uggs - $7.50